Traditional album

The traditional album is the classic wedding album where each individual photo is usually pasted onto the page.

Traditional photo albums


The album's inner block is made of 280 gr/m2 cardboard with a single-folded flap so as to compensate for the thickness of the photo with Imitlin paper or cloth linings.

traditional photo albums


The block is made in the following sizes:

  • 35x35, 38x38, 42x42, 45x45
  • 30x40, 35x45
  • 40x30, 45x35

It can be composed of both 50 and 60 ivory, cloudy ivory, black and blue coloured sheets.

The cardboard sheets are separated by embossed vellum parchment


On special order, it is possible to:

  • vary the number of the interior from 40 to 70
  • request white or tobacco coloured blocks
  • request blocks with smooth GSK flimsy paper
  • request blocks with hammered edges
  • request personalised covers with the photographer's logo or name of the newlyweds.

Furthermore, also 240 g/m2 ivory blocks and 280 g/m2 black blocks are available with the inside ranging from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 60, in these sizes:

  • 20x20, 23x23, 25x25, 30x30, 33x33
  • 24x30
  • 20x16, 25x20
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