Album Photogallery

Fashion Line

Exclusive and fine accessories, innovative and original materials: here is our couture line that will make your memories everlasting. The albums are characterised by the excellence of craftsmanship and by a deep creative work, giving every product a unique and strong personality.

Glamour Line

Contemporary design and character: introducing our Glamour collection, personalised with the most representative shots of your wedding. Quality and resistance to the passing of time are ultimately the values ​​that make this line a popular choice by our customers.

Trendy Line

Elegance and timeless class distinguish this collection with simple and romantic lines. Expression of a tradition and attention to design that have always characterised our albums, the Trendy line is for newlyweds who seek balance between style and substance.

Florentine Leather Line

The albums in "Florentine Leather" are made with first choice naturally tanned calfskin. Special reliefs and colour tones enrich these albums, made entirely by hand. Thanks to the skills of talented craftsmen, the leather is "moulded" obtaining shapes and colours with a touch of class.

The wedding album of this traditional, simple and classic line will always be modern, even over time.

The models can also be made in Amarcord Leather and Icelandic Leather.

Personalised Icelandic Leather and Amarcord Leather

The album made of regenerated leather is personalised and made unique with the transfer of a photo on the cover so you can remember your special, joyous moment.

Amarcord Leather Line

Even an album of regenerated leather is made entirely by hand. Highly effective for those who love a more classic line.

Icelandic Leather Line

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